Calculate my savings

From now on, optimise your stay in Nice and on the French Riviera.

Use our ‘calculator’ to simulate – step by step – how much you will save on your holiday budget with the French Riviera Pass!

If you have children, this tool also allows you to calculate, depending on their ages and the activities you want to do, whether buying a pass is financially worthwhile for them.

How to use it?

  1. Choose the duration of the pass for which you wish to make the simulation
  2. Enter the number of adults and children (+ their ages)
  3. Select the sites and activities you are interested in (you can make your choice beforehand here)

The tool calculates the total amount of admissions you would have had to pay without the French Riviera Pass, so you can compare it with the purchase price of the pass for the chosen duration.

Feel free to run as many simulations as you like with different selections or pass durations or even a specific simulation for a child for example.

Please note :

If you are doing a simulation with children, remember to compare the amount in the box “Total activities without pass: children” with the price of the pass to see if it is worth buying a pass for your child.

Informations in this tool are provided for information purposes only, the selection of activities does not guarantee their availability/opening for a given date, and does not represent a reservation.